Oh, Hi there! Welcome to The Cake Spa!
Oh, Hi there! Welcome to The Cake Spa!
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Baking Kit Must Haves

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To celebrate Global Baking Day, I thought I would put together a list of baking equipment and cake tools that are my must haves. So here we go!

*Please Note affiliate links are used throughout this blog, which means if you go to make a purchase of these items having followed the link, I will be paid a small percentage by the selling platform*


Now there are a few baking basics you can't live without and here are my top ones for just getting started:

Decent Quality Mixing Bowls

Silicone Spatulas

Measuring Scales

Microwavable Bowls

Silicone Mat

Silicone Traybake Cake Tin

Piping Bags

Measuring Cups & Spoons

Pyrex Jug


Silicone Pastry Brush

Cupcake Tray

Foil Cupcake Cases (Foil are more reliable than paper unless you find quality paper ones. They are less likely to peel and wont go see through)

Oxo Ice Cream Scoop (Used for scooping batter into cupcake cases. This particular model is expensive but I still think its the best value for money as it is sturdy, well made and dishwasher safe)

Basic Large Piping Tips

Circle Cookie Cutters

Baking Sheet (These are the exact ones I use and prefer as they slightly larger than a standard sheet)

Vanilla Extract (use the best quality vanilla extract you can afford, it's worth investing in it - Neilson Massey is the best, this is the one litre bottle that I normally use)


If you are planning to bake a lot, then I definitely think it is worth investing in a stand mixer. Here are a few options at different price points

Basic Kenwood Mixer (perfect for less frequent hobby bakers and can be used as both a hand and stand mixer)

Kmix was my last mixer (Kenwood KMix)

My Current Kenwood Mixer (Kenwood Chef Titanium XL)

My Dream Mixer! (Kenwood Cooking Chef)

As you tell, I'm a Kenwood Girl!



Here's a few items that are specifically useful when decorating cakes.

PME Cake Tins

Cake Release Spray (This is a huge bottle btw - but is exactly the one I use, some aren't as good)


Ateco Turntable

Angled Spatula


Large Rolling Pin

Mini Rolling Pin 

Ganaching Plates (I use .5 versions for buttercream and .25 for iced cakes)

Round Greaseproof Liners

Icing Smoother 

Cake Lifter

Colour Splash Colouring (Good basic colours - can't be used for chocolate though)

Colour Mill Colouring - Brights (This colour is more expensive but it can be used to colour anything - batter, buttercream, icing and chocolate)

Colour Mill Colouring - Lights 



Here's a few items that aren't necessary but that may make you baking life a little easier.


Judge Saucepan 

Digital Thermometer