Oh, Hi there! Welcome to The Cake Spa!
Oh, Hi there! Welcome to The Cake Spa!
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About Me!

Yes that's right! It's just me, Laura, here at The Cake Spa, but with world dominance on my mind, I'm sure it won't be this way forever!

My Story: I have baked as long as I can remember! It was a family affair with so many memories of baking with my Mum, Sister & Nan. I started cake decorating more seriously as a hobby about 10 years ago, taking bakes and decorated cakes into workplaces to be snaffled up by colleagues. 

But I finally took the plunge and set up The Cake Spa in 2018. My baby niece wasn't well, and her condition meant she wasn't able to attend nursery, so I took the opportunity to look after her in the day, set up my business and bake on nights and weekends!


My Journey: I started doing mainly wedding cakes, occasion cakes and favours for birthdays, anniversaries, baby showers, gender reveals and lots of other celebrations. In 2019, I decided to grow the business and began offering kids cupcake classes, adult cake decorating workshops and kids cupcake parties. Unfortunately I only managed to get classes in for Halloween, Christmas and February half-term before the pandemic hit. 

Pivot!: All my income streams were gone overnight. And so I had to pivot for my business to survive. I initially started by selling ingredients that had become scarce in the shops, like flour, yeast and chocolate chips! There were many late nights but people were so genuinely grateful, I really enjoyed it while it was needed. 

I then created my baking boxes with the idea it included the ingredients needed, without waste, was an easy to follow recipe and it was delivered to your door. I can't believe how popular they have become and I love getting such fabulous feedback each month when they are sent out! I also began a range of sweet treats, mostly that I used to do for favours, but I have developed some new items too. I love to offer something different and fun, rather than the standard brownie box!

I have also had the opportunity to work with some corporates to send Christmas hampers, baking boxes or treats to homeworkers or even do live bake alongs or demos! This is an area I really enjoy too, so can't wait to do more! 

Although I work alone, I have so many friends, family and business besties who help me so much along the way!

About Me!
About Me!

My Products: I love all my products, and so enjoy recipe testing to come up with new flavours, new products and new collections. Here's some of things I love!

* Mixed Treat Boxes (you can subscribe too!)
*  Baking Boxes (Subscription available!) * Marshmallow Fluff Pies (my fave!)
* Marshamallow Bags
* Biscuit Gift Boxes (for all ocasions)
* Gift Sets 

Gifts & Treats

Whether its a birthday present ot a tasty treat for yourself, we have you covered! Go see!




High quality, tasty treats is how I roll. No margarine, only 100% British butter here. If it's not yummy, I'm not making it, just cos it's on trend or looks nice.  Fab flavours for all to enjoy! But I will also present them beautifully so you, or the recipient, always feels super spoilt!


I have never been one to follow the crowd - have you seen my fashion sense, or lack of!! Anyway, I won't churn out the same treats as everyone else. It's not for me. I will always try to be different in my products, flavours, decoration and gift sets. No one wants to see the same old stuff churned out over and over again. So I always try to bring something unique!


I willl also look to collaborate with other small businesses, as well as stocking them in the shop, working with them on shoots I also love collaborating on projects. I am a huge supporter of shop small, shop local and shop independent, Take a look at my Support Small page for more!


I will always try and be as sustainable as possible in the business. All the postal and baking box packaging I use recycable, reusable or biodegradable. Being food based - disposables are unfortunately common but I will always switch to environmentally friendly options wherever possible. I also do my best to limit waste as best as I can - one of the founding reasons for the baking boxes!

More About Me

Pass me the SVB

Outside of caking, I love to travel, go to gigs or festivals, support independent and local, visit amazing places for street food, fine dining and coffee. I also enjoy the odd glass of NZ SVB or a bramble - any gin based drink will also do tbf!